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The book of Daniel

Daniel 11: Storm heading towards all Christian churches worldwide

Daniel 11: Are we doing exegesis or eisegesis?

Daniel 11: Who is this “Unknown Power” that will rule the world?

Daniel 11: Who is the King of the North?

Daniel 11: Who is the King of the South?

Daniel 11:1-4. The Medo-Persians and the Grecian Empires

Daniel 11:5-9. How did the Emperor Constantine destroy the church?

Daniel 11:10-13. Hellenism, Paganism and Christianity

Daniel 11:14 Who are the “sons of robbers?”

Daniel 11:15-20 How can a “daughter” be so corrupt?

Daniel 11:26-29 Sexual immorality in the Roman Catholic church

Daniel 11:30 Why did the first reformers protest against the pope?

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Daniel 11:31-32 What does the “abomination of desolation” mean?

Daniel 11:33 How cruel can men be, acting in the name of God?

Daniel 11:34 Why did the papacy kill over 50 million Roman Catholics?

Daniel 11:35-39 When is the time of the end?

Daniel 11:40 How are the Jesuits influencing world politics?

Daniel 11:41 Exegesis, the problem in the Adventist church

Daniel 11:42-43 The New World Order verses God´s commandments

Daniel 11:44 The last worldwide war: Armageddon.

Daniel 11:45 Which church prevents you from coming to God?

Daniel 12:1-3 What happens when we die?

Daniel 11:14 -12:3 – Advice to all theologians in the Christian church worldwide

Revelation 13:1-10 Who does this sea beast represent?

God Reveals the Future No.1

God Reveals the Future No.2

Daniel 9:24. Will the Jews be saved as a nation by God?

Daniel 9:25. A prophecy calculating the precise date when Christ was baptized.

Daniel 9:26. The destruction of Jerusalem was forecasted many years in advance

Daniel 9:27. A prophecy calculating when Christ would die to the minute

Who is the Little Horn Power in the book of Daniel?

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