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Daniel 11:40 How are the Jesuits influencing world politics?



Alberta Rivera an ex Jesuit priest tells about the New World Order and how the Jesuits are influencing world politics?

Ignatius Loyola is the one above who started the Jesuits.

Daniel 11:40 a. and in the time of the end he shall gore (pierce with horns) with him king of the Negev and he shall (excite) horror on him king of the north in chariots and in horsemen and in ships many ones and he comes in lands and he overwhelms and he passes. (This is the Hebrew direct translation from Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia[1] and from www.scripture4all.org).

 Daniel 11:40 b.   At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through. (New King James Version[2]).

When looking at the two translations above, we have two different readings. Furthermore, referring to www.biblehub.com there are 24 bible translations of Daniel 11:40 and the majority agree with the New King James Version. In addition, the five SDA theologians I have mentioned in the introduction along with many other Protestant theologians agree with the majority of the English Bible translations and not the direct Hebrew translation. So why is there a discrepancy between the two bible translations?

John Wycliffe in the 14th century translated the first English Bible from the Latin Vulgate Bible and not direct from the Hebrew. The Latin Vulgate translation from Greek to English is very good for New Testament studies and is excellent for directing the pathway to Christ for salvation. However, the Latin Vulgate has its drawbacks when encountering the Hebrew language, especially in the translation with Daniel 11:40. In addition, the LXX Septuagint Greek Old Testament partly supports the Hebrew text and is the only exception from all the other Bibles. The Septuagint states “And at the end of the time, he shall conflict with the king of the South.” They have translated it to say that it is the pronoun “he” who does the conflicting with the king of the South. It is very important when in translating Dan 11:40 one should keep to the Hebrew direct translation as in www.scripture4all.org or the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, otherwise one can come to another conclusion.

So the 24 English translations of the Bible have all followed suit in verse 40 and translated from the Latin Vulgate instead of the original Hebrew. Why? This is one of the anomalies that cannot be explained in Bible translation. However, the Jesuits have a considerable influence on how many Bibles are translated through universities around the world.

Let us continue with our study of Dan 11:40. If one takes the view that all the pronouns going backwards from verse 45 to verse 16 refer to the Little Horn power only, in the Hebrew grammar. Then in verse 40 we find that it is the Little Horn power who does the attacking, both against the King of the South and against the King of the North, and not vice versa. This Great War is in the future. The Middle Ages are over in this text, so we are referring to a great war in the future based on religious beliefs, which may refer to the last war on this earth called Armageddon (see Dan 11:44.)

Some commentaries suggest that the king of the South attacks the King of the North to explain the text another way. However, in the Hebrew it is the pronoun of the text who does the attacking and the King of the South and the King of the North are on the receiving end.

 Let us analyze the text grammatically:

Dan 11:40. and in the time of the end he (Subject) shall gore (Verb) (pierce with horns) with him king of Negev (Object) and he (Subject)  shall (excite) horror (Verb) on him king (Object) of the north in chariots and in ships many ones and he (Subject) comes (Verb) in lands and he (Subject) overwhelms (Verb) and and in horsemen he (Subject) passes (Verb).

It is very clear from the Hebrew sentence construction, that it is the subject pronoun who does the attacking in verse 40 and not the object pronoun. Hence, the papacy is the personal pronoun subject, and the king of the South and the King of the North are the objects. The Hebrew grammar sentence construction agrees harmoniously with one another. This Hebrew translation can have a large major impact on our understanding of the text and it can have a profound change to where the text is leading us to.

“The time of the end,” refers to the date between 1798 and 1844, and thereafter. This is the period when the Dark Ages of papal rule ended. The traditional Adventist interpretation of the text from the New King James Version says that this was the period when the French Revolution occurred and the pope was taken into captivity. This resulted in the papacy losing its original power and authority like in the Dark Middle Ages. However, we must remember that although one head was wounded (Referring to Rev 13:1-3), there were six heads left over with horns and crowns. This means that though the papacy was inflicted with a wound, she still retained much of her power, authority and influence in Europe´s political affairs. She is still active, alive and kicking and not fully dead as Adventist theologians might suggest.

Dan 11:40. and in the time of the end he shall gore (pierce with horns) with him king of the Negev

This “time of the end” refers to the verses from Dan 11:40 to Dan 12:2 This is the period from the end of the Middle Ages at the time of the French Revolution in 1798 to the Second Coming of Christ and the day of resurrection.

Dan 12:1.2. “At that time Michael shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

“At that time” in Dan 12:1 is referring to the Second Coming of Christ and the day of resurrection. So the time span of the “time of the end” is between 1798 and the Second coming of Christ. However, Christ did not come to the earth in 1844 or after. Ellen G. White writes in the book Testimonies to the Church vol. 6, published in 1900: “Had the purpose of God been carried out by His people in giving to the world the message of mercy, Christ would, ere this, have come to the earth, and the saints would have received their welcome into the city of God.”

So we are talking about a short period of time for the “time of the end” if Christ would have come between 1798 and the second half of the 19th century. However, Christ Second Coming has been prolonged to over 100 years due to the Church not fulfilling its mission to the world.

In the time of the end he shall gore. At the time of 1798 to 1844, “he” that is the papacy shall gore the king of Negev. The time of the end is the start of the goring from the Papacy. Goring has to do with animals like a bull gores a man to death with its horns. This you can see on you tube.com with Spanish bull fights. But in this case the goring by the papacy towards the king of Negev is not unto death. The King of Negev represents the wicked all over the world, but especially the wicked people in France during the French revolution. How did the papacy gore the wicked people in France? By withholding from the people the scriptures of the Bible, hence leading them down the line to immoral practices for example persecution and the guillotine experienced during the French Revolution against the nobility, the clergy and many believers in Christ.

Because the verses from 40 to 45 refer to 1798 and the future I will use my prerogative in writing this article, and make use of Ellen G. White´s writings regarding future prophecy. Ellen G. White had received visions from God about the future and makes these verses very clear in what will happen just before Christ´s Second Coming. The quotations are taken at random and not in a logical time frame. One can check these quotations from the website www.whiteestate.org

  1. That terrible out breaking (French Revolution) was but the legitimate results of Rome´s suppression of the scriptures[3].
  2. The same master spirit that urged on the St. Bartholomew massacre led also in the scenes of the (French) Revolution[4].
  3. The King of France, urged on by the Romish priests and prelates, lent his sanction to the dreadful work (of the St. Bartholomew massacre)[5].
  4. It was popery that had begun the work which atheism was completing. The policy of Rome had wrought out those conditions, social, political and religious, that were hurrying France to ruin[6].
  5. With the flight of the Huguenots, a general decline settled upon France. The Jesuits alone flourished in the decaying nation (France) and ruled with dreadful tyranny over churches and schools, the prisons and the galleys[7].
  6. By working upon the jealousy of the kings and the ruling classes, Rome had influenced them to keep the people in bondage, well knowing that the state would thus be weakened, and purposing by this means to fasten both rulers and people in her thrall – – -. But the outworking of all this was widely different from what Rome had purposed. Instead of holding the masses in blind submission to her dogmas, her work resulted in making them infidels and revolutionists[8].
  7. Unhappy France reaped in blood the harvest she had sown. Terrible were the results of her submission to the controlling power of Rome[9].
  8. It was in 1793 that the decrees which abolished the Christian religion and set aside the Bible, passed the French assembly[10].

Historical Information

(Walker 521[11]). A large part of the French clergy, were also hostile to the Jesuits. In 1764 the Jesuits were suppressed in France. – – -. Pope Clement XIV abolished the order (Jesuits) in July, 1773 – – -. Then in 1793 came a royalist and Catholic uprising in La Vendee, and in retaliation the Jacobin leaders sought to wipe out Christianity. Hundreds of ecclesiastics were beheaded – – -. In 1798 Rome was made a republic by French arms, Pope Pius VI (1775-99) was carried a prisoner to France where he died.

(Walker 522). The papacy profited by all these impulses that is (Napoleon´s downfall: Romanticism: Catholic revival) and soon developed a strength greater than it had shown for a hundred years. A characteristic evidence of this new position of the papacy was the restoration, by Pope Pius VII, in August 1814, of the Jesuits, who speedily regained their old ascendancy in papal counsels – – -.

(Walker 519). As against his own subjects, Louis XIV´s policy was determined by his conception of national unity and Jesuit influence, especially after his marriage to Madame de Maintenon in 1684. In 1685 he revoked the Edict of Nantes and made Protestantism illegal under the severest penalties.

(Walker 520). For France the expulsion of the Huguenots and the triumph of the Jesuits were great misfortunes.

So who are the modern Jesuits of our time?

Let me first explain that when an author quotes facts against an organization in their book and the organization does not want to admit to these facts, they can call the author a liar or to put it in a milder way a “conspiracy theory”. This is the case with the book “Grey Wolf” written by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. They write about the Second World War and how the Jesuits in the Roman Catholic Church have helped Hitler and many Nazi leaders to escape to Argentina. That is why no one has ever found the body of Hitler at the end of the Second World War.

I quote from the book, “On June 6, 1947, Eva Peron the wife of President Peron took a plane to Europe to arrange the escape of Boreman and other Nazi war criminals to Argentina. “Traveling ahead of Eva´s party was Father Hernan Beitez, a Jesuit priest and an old friend of her husband. Benitez had been briefed by Cardinal Antonio Caggiano, the archbishop of the Argentine city of Rosario, who was a strong link in the chain that led escaping Nazis to their new lives in Argentina – – – . Bishop Alois Hudal was Bormann´s main contact in the Vatican. A committed anticommunist, the Austrian born, Jesuit trained Hudal had been a `clerofascist´ (clerical supporter of Mussolini) and an honorary holder of the Nazis´ Gold Party Badge – – – -. Among the thousands of men Hudal helped to escape justice, were the commandants of both Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps, SS lieutenants Franz Stangl and Gustav Wagner”[12].

Martin Boremann

The book states that, “Capt. Ian Bell, a war crimes investigator based in Italy from the British Army´s Judge Advocate General´s office, had been tipped off about Bormann´s presence. Bell who had captured a number of wanted Italian war criminals was ordered by head office to let Bormann escape through the Vatican rat lines.

Bell states, ”we were sure that the Vatican had a lot to do with Martin Bormann´s escape, because nowhere down the whole line was he ever stopped by the Carabinieri (the military force charged with police duties among civilian populations in Italy) or any army personal; he was allowed through with complete liberty. It has been well organized. Who else could do that but the cooperation between the Vatican and the Italian government?”

“Martin Bormann arrived in Buenos Aires on May 17, 1948, on the ship Giovanna C from Genoa – – -. He was dressed as a Jesuit priest, and he entered the country on a Vatican passport identifying himself as the Reverend Juan Gomez. A few weeks later he registered at the Apostolic Nunciature in Buenos Aires as a stateless person and was given Identity Certificate No.073, 909.”[13]

David Yallop a noted authority on the criminal laundering of finances of the Vatican wrote in his second book “The Power and the Glory”: “Among those smuggled out of Europe with the full knowledge not only of the Pope Pius XII and his secretary of State Cardianl Montini, but also British and US high command, were Klaus Barbie, Ante Pavelic, Adolf Eichmann, Heinrich Muller and Franz Stangl. The total number of war criminals who escaped to new lives through the Vatican´s ratline was in the excess of 30,000.”[14]

Further activities by the Jesuits and Roman Catholics during the Second World War were in the country of Yugoslavia. Yallop states in his book “The Power and the Glory” “On 10 April 1941 the German 14th Panzer division had entered the Croatian capital of Zagreb to flower-strewn enthusiastic welcome from the Croatians. Within hours, a German envoy announced the formation of the Independent State of Croatia, the ISC, under the ´Poglavnik´ (Fuhrer) Ante Pavelic, Croatian leader of the fascist Ustashi terrorist movement – – – . On taking office Ante Pavelic stated: It is the duty of the Ustashi movement to ensure that the Independent State of Croatia is ruled always and everywhere only by Croatians.”

Yallop goes on further to explain the reason for installing the Ustashi movement defined by Mile Budak the Minister of Education and Culture of Croatia during that time. “The basis for the Ustashi movement is religion. For minorities such as the Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, we have three million bullets. We will kill a part of the Serbs. Others will we deport and the rest we will force to accept the Roman Catholic Religion. Thus the new Croatia will be rid of all Serbs in its midst in order to be 100 per cent Catholic within ten years.” All this was going on with the full knowledge and support from the pope. “In carrying out these acts, the Ustashi were from the very beginning assisted by the Roman Catholic Church both in Rome and within Croatia. Within days of Pavelic´s installation, Archbishop Aljzije Stepinac of Zagreb strongly recommended to the papal nuncio in Belgrade that the Holy See should immediately recognize the Ustashi regime, as the legal government of the annexed country.”

As a result of the Ustashi´s work of extermination, Yallop again says “By the end of 1943 at least 600,000 people were killed – – -. To that total must be added at least 350,000 non-Catholics butchered in their homes – – -. Another 250,000 were forcibly converted to Catholicism although many of them were then murdered, and a further 300,000 or so were driven out of Croatia[15].”

We must keep in mind that if the Jesuits along with the Roman Catholic Church come into power in the future and have control of the whole world, the same strategy would be implemented as that by the Ustashi in Croatia.

Pope John Paul I

Let us come closer to our day and age in the 1980´s with David Yallop´s book called “In God´s Name”[16]. On the back cover he writes “During the late evening of September 28th or early morning of September 29th, 1978, Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciano, known as the smiling Pope, died only thirty three days after his election. David Yallop began his investigations into his death at the request of certain individual’s resident in Vatican City who were disturbed by a cover-up of the true, circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Pope´s body. It his conviction that murder was the fate of Albino Luciano. Over three years of continual and exhaustive research, David Yallop uncovered a chain of corruption that linked leading figures in financial, political and clerical circles (of Roman Catholics) around the world.

At the finish of the book, Yallop comes to the conclusion that there were three suspects to the murder and top of the list was the treasurer of the Vatican Bank Bishop Marcinkus. After the book was published, Interpol police tried to get Marcinkus extradited from the Vatican but the Pope refused. When Marcinkus went into retirement he travelled back to his own home state in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and settled down to retirement in Sunshine City with no police to arrest him. Not even the President of the United States of America could extradite Marinkus to Italy. Why? Because the Roman Catholics have an immense political power in the United States.

Dan 11:40 He shall (excite) horror on him king of the north in chariots and in horsemen and in ships many ones and he comes in lands and he overwhelms and he passes.

This “time of the end” refers to the verses from Dan 11:40 to Dan 12:2 This is the period from the end of the Middle Ages at the time of the French Revolution in 1798 to the Second Coming of Christ and the day of resurrection.

At the end of the Middle Ages a nation had just started up in 1799 called the promised land for many protestants, leaving the persecutions from the papacy in Europe. This land was called North America and later became the United States of America.

In the book of Revelation 16:12-14 under the sixth plague, we have three great players in this world´s political arena, fighting for world dominance. We have the beast. who represents the papacy. We have the false prophet. who represents the protestants living in the USA. And we have the kings of the earth. In comparing Rev 16:12-14 with Dan 11, the kings of the earth are compared to their leader the king of the South. The beast representing the papacy is compared to the personal pronouns of “he and him”. The false prophet representing the protestants in the USA, are compared to the king of the North.

So in Dan 11:40 we have a picture of “he” the papacy piercing with its horns the king of Negev, representing the kings of the earth supported by their nations. Then “he” the papacy shall excite horror on him the king of the North, representing the protestants in the USA. The papacy will overwhelm the protestants in the USA and take over their country. This sounds impossible looking with our eyes now. But there will come a time when the papacy will control the financial situation in the USA and the whole world. This is when we study the number 666 in Rev 13:18.

OK! How are the Jesuits combined with the papacy going to control the protestant nation in the USA?

Abraham Lincoln´s view of the Jesuits.

I would like to concentrate a little time on the secret group in the Roman Catholic Church called the Jesuits. When surfing the internet, one can come to the conclusion that they are involved in world conspiracy theories and they are the figment of one’s own imagination. However, Abraham Lincoln president of the USA during 1861-65 thought that they were a very dangerous political force trying to undermine the USA. This quotation is taken from the book “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy, and is cited in http://mygospelworkers.org/mgwministry/i-see-a-very-dark-cloud-on -our-horizon-an, referring to the American civil war between north and south over slave trading.

“The common people see and hear the big, noisy wheels of the Southern Confederacy´s cars; they call Jeff Davies, Lee, Toombs, Beauregard, Semmes, etc., and they honestly think that they are the motive power, the first cause of troubles. But this is a mistake. The true motive power is secreted behind the thick walls of the Vatican, the colleges and schools of the Jesuits, the converts of the nuns, and the confessional boxes of Rome. There is a fact which is too much ignored by the American people, and which I am acquainted only since I became president, it is that the best, the leading families of the South have received their education in great part, if not whole, from the Jesuits and the nuns. Hence, those degrading principles of slavery, pride, cruelty, which are as second nature among so many of those people. – – -. You do not ignore that the first settlers of Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, South California and Missouri were Roman Catholics and that their first teacher were Jesuits. – – -. Unfortunately, the Jesuits and the nuns have in great part remained the teachers of those people since. They have continued in a silent, but most efficacious way, to spread their hatred against our institutions, our laws, our schools, our rights and our liberties in such a way that this terrible conflict became unavoidable between the North and the South. As I told you before, it is Popery that we owe this terrible civil war.”

“I do not pretend to be a prophet. But though not a prophet, I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome. It is filled with tears of blood. It will rise and increase until its flanks will be torn by a flash of lightening, followed by a fearful peal of thunder. Then a cyclone such as the world has never seen, will pass over this country, spreading ruin and desolation from north to south. After it is over, there will long days of peace and prosperity: for popery, with its Jesuits and merciless Inquisition, will have been for ever swept away from our country.” When will Popery and the Jesuits finally be eliminated? This will occur at Christ´s Second Coming according to the book of Daniel.

According to Abraham Lincoln, the Jesuits were not a fictitious group operating within the bounds of the Vatican trying to overtake the world in some conspiracy theory. They were an active political force trying to undermine the USA.

Ronald Reagan

In Yallops book “Power and the Glory” he writes about Ronald Reagan. “Though not himself a Roman Catholic, Ronald Reagan numbered a great many who were among his close friends and acquaintances. His cabinet included a disproportionate number: Haig, Donovan, Bennett, Heckler and Clark. Among his speech-writing team and staffers in the Office of Public Liaison were Peggy Noonan, Pat Buchanan, Linda Chavez, Bob Reilly, Carl Andersen and Tony Dolan, all of them devout practicing Roman Catholics. There were also National Security Advisors Richard Allen, Director of the CIA William Casey, William Clark, Vernon Walters and Ed Rowny.”[17]

When you have so many Roman Catholics working in the government and among them maybe some Jesuits, no wonder ex-president Jimmy Carter a Baptist, wrote most of his letters by hand and not on the computer. Why? To avoid screening and spying from the National Security consisting of many Roman Catholic personal.

In the book” Catholic Power Verses American Freedom” by George La Piana a Roman Catholic priest and professor of Church History at Harvard University and social ethics activist John Swomley, states “One of the most important ways the Catholic hierarchy in the United States has influenced and changed public policy is through direct meetings with presidents and presidential candidates. With few exceptions, these meetings have been secret, known only to Catholic writers or kept unpublicized by an intimidated secular press. These meetings have occurred chiefly because the cardinals and bishops have created the illusion that they control the votes of American Catholics and can deliver those votes to presidential candidates who accept Vatican policies.”[18]

The Catholic bishops´ main target of discussion is their policy against abortion and using contraceptive birth control. Presidents who have succumbed to the American Catholic bishops´ request are Ronald Regan[19], Jimmy Carter[20], Gerald Ford[21], George H.W. Bush[22]. The only exception, who defied the American Catholic bishops and got voted in as president, was Bill Clinton[23].

The above information is only the tip of the iceberg of what the Jesuits are doing to influence and control governments around the world. After all, with over one billion members in the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits have a solid backing to help them to achieve their goals, and there are not many politicians that can stop them.


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