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Daniel 11:14 -12:3 – Advice to all theologians in the Christian church worldwide

When writing a conclusion one can close in different ways: one can summarize what has been written, one can end with a quotation, or one can come with a suggestion for further action from the theological community. I will opt for the last. My main aim for the whole study in Dan 11: was to determine who and where the Little Horn power (the papacy) started and finished. Having accomplished this through a nearly correct exegetical methodology and God´s help, I would like to make a suggestion to the Christian Church worldwide inclusive my own church which is the Seventh-day Adventist church: to redefine their paradigm, for the study of exegesis in God´s word the Holy Bible.

Exegesis is a term used by many theologians with different meanings in all the theological universities of the world. A clear example of this is in my introduction of five theologians in the Adventist church. Thomas S. Kuhn in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” a classic book from the 1960´s suggests that a paradigm change has to take place before the community takes any action. This can take a generation shift before it happens: around 16 to 20 years[1]. That is a long time.

Problems can arise during a generation shift. Large theological problems can arise like “women´s ordination” in the Adventist church. This is a subject that split the Anglican Church in England right down the middle. Women´s ordination is just the tip of the iceberg of theological problems we shall encounter in the future of the Adventist church. Why? Because we are using a wrong method of exegesis of Bible study.

I can see one major obstacle why theologians do not wish to tackle this subject and that is their university and college ratings amongst other universities may go downhill. This gives a large problem because it allows liberal theologians doing exegesis from other universities to influence our professors and students in our universities and colleges. Where does one draw the line of theological influence from without? The line will come when more theological problems shall arise in the church, hence endangering our message and splitting the church.

Therefore, I advise all the theologians in the worldwide church, to come together and not just to give presentations at their annual meetings, but to hammer out a method of exegesis, which all theologians in our church can agree on. This will bring both respect and harmony within the theological community and outside of the  church, and lead to a further understanding of the truth from the Holy Bible. If this does not happen, then the inevitable will occur and that is the “Shaking” in the church. It will occur sooner than we think. We are already reaping the results of the influence of the charismatic movement, worldly music and liberalization within the church; all because we do not have a correct methodology of exegesis. Do we have to wait for a whole generation shift to occur, before we take action?

Mark Finley used an illustration in his sermon “Preparing for the overwhelming Surprise” on www.audioverse.org. At the beginning of his sermon, he talked about hurricane Camille which was heading for the town of Pass Christian, Mississippi, on the Gulf of Mexico in 1969. There were a block of holiday apartments situated about 200 feet from the coast and a group of young people were having a hurricane party in one of the apartments. A police officer came to the apartments and warned the young people that they should evacuate the place as soon as possible because a hurricane was heading towards them. The young people who were drinking large amounts of alcohol said to the police office, “if we do not evacuate will you arrest us?” They refused to move and stated their democratic rights of freedom to decide as US citizens.

Later that evening at 10.15 pm one of the strongest hurricanes in the US hit the coast at 205 mph with waves of 26 feet high. The holiday apartments were totally destroyed and about 20 young people lost their lives.

There is a hurricane heading for the Christian church worldwide and our theologians are not ready to meet it. It is not because they are drunk of alcohol, but they are drunk of a theological and scholastical pride. They are refusing to come together and work out a form of conservative exegesis which we all can use, based on the whole of the Bible only.

[1] www.ee.scu.edu/eefac/healy/kuhn.html


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  1. Withheld 8th January 2015

    I apologize for being a little tardy on this, I have read everything and I find his point of view a breath of fresh air.
    I have gone through it and basically written a comment that I agree with his method.
    Tony is making a very excellent point, that is, we get a lot of our understanding of scripture from men who have a
    distinguished career, but they are only quoting others so that they will not seem to be the odd man out.
    We know this is what Uriah Smith did in his ‘Daniel and the Revelation’ he quoted the men of his day and even directed us on pg 475 to Edward Gibbons an avowed atheist mind you, “Little or nothing is left to the professed interpreter to do but to point to the pages of Gibbon.” Jan Paulien states that Smith did little actual exegesis.
    The spirit that held sway over Smith is still the spirit that guides a lot of our theologians today.
    We are still being held back as a church by Uriah Smiths erroneous understanding of the trumpets, and there are few brave souls who would venture to deal with it but I hope Tony is of one of the few who will continue not be swayed by poor exegetical theories. I wish him well.


  2. Withheld 8th January 2015

    Thanks for the interesting article on Daniel 11. I very much appreciate the author’s Protestant understanding, of both the past and the present. His clarity on the comprehensive involvement of the papacy and its agents with the controlling of the world, today, is refreshing. I find many of his interpretations interesting to consider—many appear to line up in a logical and Biblical fashion. Many others are under the heading of “possibilities”, where I do not know, one way or the other.

    I also very much appreciate the author’s concern for the exegetical processes of our church, and the very real threat truth is under at this time. The assaults of Satan and his agents in this area are most certainly involved in the acceleration of The Shaking process we find ourselves in.

    However, there are a few areas where his presentation seems weakly supported, and I have quoted them below, with my thoughts on them.


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