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The book of Revelation

Daniel 11: Storm heading towards all Christian churches worldwide

Daniel 11: Who is the King of the North?

Daniel 11: Who is the King of the South?

Daniel 11:14 Who are the “sons of robbers?”

Daniel 11:15-20 How can a “daughter” be so corrupt?

Daniel 11:26-29 Sexual immorality in the Roman Catholic church

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Daniel 11:33 How cruel can men be, acting in the name of God?

Daniel 11:34 Why did the papacy kill over 50 million Roman Catholics?

Daniel 11:44 The last worldwide war: Armageddon.

Daniel 12:1-3 What happens when we die?

Revelation 13:17 Buying and selling

Revelation 12:1-17 Who does the woman represent?

Revelation 13:1-10 Who does this sea beast represent?

Revelation 13:11-15. Who does the beast from the earth represent?

Revelation 13:16 What is the Mark of the Beast?

Revelation 13:18 What does 666 mean?

Revelation 16:12-14 Where will the battle of Armageddon take place?

Introduction to Revelation 17: One of the greatest errors in prophetic interpretation

Revelation 17:1 Who is this harlot?

Revelation 17:2 What does it mean “to drink the wine of her fornication?”

Revelation 17:3 What does “sitting on scarlet beast” mean in prophecy?

Revelation 17:4 What are “purple and scarlet” related to?

Revelation 17:5 What does Babylon mean in the book of Revelation?

Revelation 17:6 What does it mean to be drunk with the blood of saints?

Revelation 17:7.8. Who does the scarlet beast represent?

Revelation 17:9-11 Who do the seven heads represent?

Revelation 17:12.13. Who do the ten horns represent?

Revelation 17:14 Events leading up to Armageddon

Revelation 17:15 What do many waters mean in prophecy?

Revelation 17:16 What does the term mean “to eat the harlots flesh and burn her with fire?”

The Seven Seals in Revelation 6: 7: 8:

What do horses mean in prophecy?

Revelation 6:1.2. First Seal With a White Horse

Revelation 6:3.4. Second Seal With A Fiery Horse

Revelation 6:5.6. Third Seal With A Black Horse

Revelation 6:7.8. Fourth Seal With A Pale Horse

Revelation 6:9-11. Fifth Seal with Souls Under the Altar

Revelation 6:12-17. Sixth Seal- signs in the heavens and on earth

Revelation 7:1-8. Who are the 144,000?

Revelation 8:1-6. Seventh Seal -Silence in Heaven

Introduction to the seven trumpets in Revelation

Revelation 8:7. First Trumpet

Revelation 8:8.9. Second Trumpet

Revelation 8:10.11. The Third Trumpet

Revelation 8:12.13. Fourth Trumpet

Revelation 9:1-12. Fifth Trumpet

Revelation 9:13-21. Sixth Trumpet

Revelation 10:1-11. Sixth Trumpet

Revelation 11:1-14. Sixth Trumpet

Revelation 11:15-19. Seventh Trumpet

Revelation 16: The Seven Last Plagues

Revelation 16:12-16 The Last World War Armageddon

Why Large Church Congregations are Inactive, and Small Groups are Active?

How the Church Exploded with Believers in the New Testament Using Small Groups?

When did the Transfer Occur from Small to Large Group Church Congregations?

What does Ellen G. White Write about Large Church Congregations and Small Groups?

What is the New PARADIGM for a Church from the New Testament?

The Church is a Business

How to Turn Your Church into a Business in Winning People to Christ?

Revelation 1. Introduction to the Seven Churches

Revelation 2:1-7. To the Church in Ephesus

Revelation 2:8-11. To the Church in Smyrna

Revelation 2:12-17. To the Church in Pergamos

Revelation 2:18-29. To the Church in Thyatira

Revelation 3:1-6. To the Church in Sardis

Revelation 3:7-13. To the Church in Philadelphia

Revelation 3:14-22. To the Church in Laodicea

Revelation 4: and 5: God´s Throne in Heaven

Revelation 20: 1,000 years Millennium

Revelation 21: The new Jerusalem


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