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The Great Controversy book to the world


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The book The Great Controversy written by Ellen G. White, is a book that should be given to every person on this planet.

This page is dedicated to such a project: that is to try and give this wonderful book to every person by personal contact for free or at a little cost to cover expenses involved to produce such a book.

This book is not to be sent out by mail or post but only by personal contact with a Seventh-day Adventist who is willing to go from door to door to give this book away.

When a personal contact is made and the book is given, then the visitor may ask if the person would like to have Bible Studies. If the person says yes, then there are a series of Bible studies about many subjects which can be downloaded for personal study on this site.

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This project: to give the book The Great Controversy to the world will cost lots of money and personal work from workers. Therefore, if you would like to donate to such a project, then feel free to send the money to the following bank account below. We will send you a receipt and the country where your money will be used.



The first country we are trying to accomplish in getting this book to every home is in Greenland. We are in the process of printing this book The Great Controversy into the new Greenlandic language and will shortly travel to Greenland to give this book out from door to door.

We are working with people from different SDA conferences, Frontier Missions and various funds to help with the project.




“The Great Controversy,” Above Silver or GoldThe Great Controversy should be very widely circulated. It contains the story of the past, the present, and the future. In its outline of the closing scenes of this earth’s history, it bears a powerful testimony in behalf of the truth. I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others I have written; for in The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books.—Letter 281, 1905. {CM 127.1}

I speak to you who are engaged in the canvassing work. Have you read volume 4 [The Great Controversy]? Do you know what it contains? Have you any appreciation of the subject matter? Do you not see that the people need the light therein given? If you have not already done so, I entreat you to read carefully these solemn warnings and appeals. I am sure that the Lord would have this work carried into all the highways and byways, where are souls to be warned of the danger so soon to come.—Letter 1, 1890. {CM 127.2}

I was moved by the Spirit of the Lord to write that book, and while working upon it, I felt a great burden upon my soul. I knew that time was short, that the scenes which are soon to crowd upon us would at the last come very suddenly and swiftly, as represented in the words of Scripture: “The day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” {CM 127.3}

The Lord has set before me matters which are of urgent importance for the present time, and which reach into the future. The words have been spoken in a charge to me, “Write in a book the things which thou hast seen and heard, and let it go to all the people; for the time is at hand when past history will be repeated.” I have been aroused at one, two, or three o’clock in the morning with some point forcibly impressed upon my mind, as if spoken by the voice of God…. {CM 128.1}

I was shown … that I should devote myself to writing out the important matters for volume 4 [The Great Controversy]; that the warning must go where the living messenger could not go, and that it would call the attention of many to the important events to occur in the closing scenes of this world’s history.—Letter 1, 1890. {CM 128.2}

The book The Great Controversy, I appreciate above silver or gold, and I greatly desire that it shall come before the people. While writing the manuscript of The Great Controversy, I was often conscious of the presence of the angels of God. And many times the scenes about which I was writing were presented to me anew in visions of the night, so that they were fresh and vivid in my mind.—Letter 56, 1911. {CM 128.3}

The Greatest Results Future—The results of the circulation of this book [The Great Controversy] are not to be judged by what now appears. By reading it, some souls will be aroused, and will have courage to unite themselves at once with those who keep the commandments of God. But a much larger number who read it will not take their position until they see the very events taking place that are foretold in it. The fulfillment of some of the predictions will inspire faith that others also will come to pass, and when the earth is lightened with the glory of the Lord, in the closing work, many souls will take their position on the commandments of God as the result of this agency.—Manuscript 31, 1890. {CM 128.4}

Books With a Unique Influence—God gave me the light contained in The Great Controversy and Patriarchs and Prophets and this light was needed to arouse the people to prepare for the great day of God, which is just before us. These books contain God’s direct appeal to the people. Thus He is speaking to the people in stirring words, urging them to make ready for His coming. The light God has given in these books should not be concealed…. {CM 129.1}

I know that the statement made that these books cannot be sold, is untrue. I know; for the Lord has instructed me that this is said because human devising has blocked the way for their sale. It cannot be denied that these works were not the product of any human mind; they are the voice of God speaking to His people and they will have an influence upon minds that other books do not have.—Manuscript 23, 1890. {CM 129.2}

Many will depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits. Patriarchs and Prophets and The Great Controversy, are books that are especially adapted to those who have newly come to the faith, that they may be established in the truth. The dangers are pointed out that should be avoided by the churches. Those who become thoroughly acquainted with the lessons in these books will see the dangers before them, and will be able to discern the plain, straight path marked out for them. They will be kept from strange paths. They will make straight paths for their feet, lest the lame be turned out of the way.—Letter 229, 1903. {CM 129.3}

Will Preserve From Error—Let there be an interest awakened in the sale of these books. Their sale is essential; for they contain timely instruction from the Lord. They should be appreciated as books that bring to the people light that is especially needed just now. Therefore these books should be widely distributed. Those who make a careful study of the instruction contained in them, and will receive it as from the Lord, will be kept from receiving many of the errors that are being introduced. Those who accept the truths contained in these books will not be led into false paths. {CM 130.1}


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